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Our Business Model

Sam Houston Southwest Film Investment Fund (SHSWFIF) offers financing models for every phase of motion picture content creation.

Model #1 - Development

Producers seeking financing to further develop a wholly owned property as a theatrical motion picture or scripted TV series may submit their project to SHSWFIF for possible funding consideration. The current cap for such funding is $2MM. Such funds may be used to further develop a screenplay, clear any outstanding movie rights, hire essential personnel, etc. In certain instances, SHSWFIF may also consider optioning an existing property it deems eligible for further development and production. Refer to the  Development Financing page for more information and project submission requirements.

Model #2 - Production

In certain select instances, SHSWFIF may also consider providing production equity toward the budgets of exceptional theatrical motion picture projects that a) fit our current Project Initiatives (see Home Page); b) are at least partially “packaged” with name above-the-line talent; and c) show extraordinary creative and commercial potential. Such projects must pass SHSWFIF’s strict due diligence process to be eligible for funding consideration. For more information and submission requirements, please refer to the Production Financing page.The timeline that the Fund tries to adhere to is recovering P&A principal and interest within 12 months of placement of principal funds. See separate page on P&A in the main menu.

Model #3 - Distribution

Funding for a theatrical motion picture’s prints and advertising (P&A) applies when a film is completed or is in the advanced stages of completion and is in need of financial assistance toward the picture’s theatrical distribution and marketing. When providing P&A financing, which are always “last in and first out” on the ROI waterfall, SHSWFIF negotiates directly with the distributor and carefully monitors the entire distribution process. The Fund’s current cap on P&A financing is $30MM. Please refer to the P&A Financing page for more detailed information and submission requirements.

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