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Optioned Properties

War Above Mountains

Release: TBD
Director(s): TBD

PROJECT TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Action / Drama / Faith-Based

SCREENPLAY BY: Michael Aaron Brown

PRODUCER: Erin Mae Miller

LOGLINE: After his seventh deployment to Afghanistan, Ian Pearce - Navy SEAL, is tasked with providing security at a remote school in Pakistan, under constant threat by the Taliban. There, Ian meets an ideological schoolteacher, risking her life every day educating children.

Over the Monster

Release: TBD
Director(s): TBD

PROJECT TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Sports Drama / Faith-based

SCREENPLAY BY: Douglas Folsom

PRODUCER: Steven Jon Whritner

LOGLINE: A top young baseball prospect, engaged to be married, dreams of playing professional baseball and hitting home runs over the famous Green Monster wall in Fenway Park, only to discover he has to first overcome his stay in a prison called “The Monster.” Field of Dreams meets The Shawshank Redemption.

The End of Faith

Release: TBD
Director(s): Angela Gibbs

PROJECT TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Faith-based / Sports Drama

SCREENPLAY BY: Adrienne Smith



LOGLINE: Seven Sanders has been training to be an Olympic boxer from the time he was a little boy. On the night of his Olympic qualifying bout, the fight is fixed and Seven loses. He soon learns that he has a congenital heart defect destroying any hope of ever making the Olympic team, causing him to seriously question his faith.


Release: TBD
Director(s): TBD

PROJECT TYPE: Feature Film

GENRE: Supernatural Western

SCREENPLAY BY: Matthew Dixon

PRODUCER: Michael Husband

LOGLINE: John Wesley returns home from the Civil War to find all he held dear taken from him by a posse of outlaws. Spurred on by the ghost of his dearest love, Lily, he sets out on a path of revenge.

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