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The Sam Houston Southwest Film Investment Fund (SHSWFIF) is set up as a Texas LLC and has members that have pledged a specific level of investment into the development of full feature films, television series and documentaries.

The Fund is chartered to: promote the filmmaking in the Southwest region of the US, attempting to maximize the infrastructure present; invest in new infrastructure where needed; utilize and develop local creative talent. All of these objectives are associated with a reasonable return on investment.

Our investors come from the southwestern United States, and each have many years of experience in the oil and gas industry. As investors, they identify the striking similarities between investing in the oil and gas business and investing in the business of making movies. Accustomed to carefully managing risks and realizing returns on investment, the investors are prepared to mitigate the risks inherent with film production and reap the benefits from investing with established production partners that have proven track records. The LLC members feel strongly that the old paradigm of centralized Hollywood studio filmmaking does not always work and believe a new strategy and location, particularly Texas, is paramount – a move we are not only strongly supporting, but spearheading. 

The LLC has garnered active support from various Texas State Legislators and staff who have agreed to draft and introduce bills in the State Legislature that would create State sponsored tax incentives and grants to facilitate heightened interest in and employment growth of the visual arts in Texas. In addition to investing in film production and promoting the new legislation, the objective of the LLC is to support the building of a new, state-of-the-art movie studio complex in Texas, increasing employment and bringing professional film production to the state.

The Funds' focus is P&A in the range of $8MM to $30MM as a financier to the distributor. On occasions, when an equity partner takes the lead, we have the ability with specific projects to fund up to $25MM per project. At the moment we have the capacity to fund up to three projects per year. The Fund is currently diversifying into television in 2017. The Sam Houston SW Film Fund is one of the few funds in North America that is an active member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Our modus operandi is an improvement upon the typical Hollywood Studio funding approach, and we believe it will turn out to be a new, successful, and innovative model for the actors, producers, directors and, most of all, the investors that are all participating with us. We see this business model as the "Money Ball" of the new emerging Indie Movie Business. Our Model is "Director" driven model as oposed to the tradition "producer" and "studio" driven models of the past.

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