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Thursday, May 2, 2024

Leadership Change

BREAKING NEWS: Steve Hill, Sam Houston Southwest Film Investment Fund’s Executive Director and CEO, is stepping down and turning the day-to-day management of the company over to Austin Raywood. Hill said, “It’s time for semi-retirement and for turning over the reins to new blood and a younger leadership team to address the ‘new reality’ that is today's entertainment industry and the many challenges it's faced in the wake of the recent global pandemic." Hill will move to the position of ‘Chairman of the Board’ and continue to focus his efforts on generating funds for strategic investment opportunities through Sam Houston's current network of valued investors while continuing to build on the fund’s enormous success over the years. Raywood has a long list of accomplishments in the film and television industry. His new responsibilities will encompass the business side of Sam Houston's investments, while Sam Houston's new management team will also include Steven Jon Whritner who will continue as the company’s EVP Production and Development. Hill proclaims, “This will be an amazing team with Austin overseeing the business side of the fund’s investments and Steven Jon continuing in the pivotal role of 'creative chief,' overseeing the development, acquisitions and production side of Sam Houston’s investments."

Raywood also brings to Sam Houston a new strategic alliance with The Explorers Club with the goal of developing scripted and non-scripted content focusing on modern space travel and the massive surge in today’s space industry which is projected to reach $1 trillion in revenue by 2040, particularly the extraordinary innovations and future of SpaceX.

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